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Imaginal Psychogenealogy and Family Constellations

Imaginal Psychogenealogy and Family Constellations

Imaginal Psychogenealogy and Family Constellations surrey woking

Imaginal Psychogenealogy stems from Carl Gustav Jung and James Hillman’s vision of reality and is a powerful tool to explore, transform and integrate the effects of the history of your ancestors in your life. 

Your ancestors are in fact the roots of the tree that represents your life. They are your history and have desires and wishes that influence how your branches develop. If they experienced trauma, violence, injustice or didn’t fulfill their destinies, you might be on a mission to repair what got broken.

This might appear in your life as repeated failures, difficult relationships, financial hardship, ill-health and many more signs that something is not flowing as it should. 

You are here on this Earth to flourish and if you are not, something is holding you back. It is easy to think that difficulties are external and have nothing to do with who you are. You will discover, if you don’t already know this, that all the experiences in life are an image of your inner reality. This image is created by the stories coming from your ancestors, who become archetypes, primordial symbols and deep unconscious forces influencing your mind and, with that, your behaviour and how you experience life. 

In our sessions, you will be able to find a quiet space and time to listen to those stories and understand what they are telling you. We might explore what happened to your ancestors and how particularly heavy destinies might be playing a role in what is happening to you today. However, you might not know much about your family, you might not even know who your family is at all. Nevertheless, the images of what is working and not working in your life, of your talents,  your dreams, your nightmares and aspirations will all guide you to find your roots and the archetypes that are influencing your life.

The next step will be to transform and integrate them into a new story that has the power to guide you on to the path of realisation and fulfillment of your goals. 

This may happen in many different ways. Sometimes, just looking at your story from another perspective will allow you to adjust and start a cascade of positive changes.  

Other times, we might need to create a Family Constellation for you to see and experience from within the forces that are acting in your life. Depending on the setting, other participants to your group session or objects such as paper notes, stones or chairs if you are in a one to one session, may represent an ancestor or a particular issue. You will be asked to intuitively place them in relation to one another to show the unconscious image that is driving your story. Carefully and working at your own pace, you will then observe their interaction and experience different positions to find harmony and balance between all the forces. This will unfold the story and bring new solutions to transform what is holding you down into a positive alley. 

After such an experience, your life will never be the same, and you will soon discover that all the difficulties were there only for you to grow into the wise and joyful person you were always meant to be.