The Soul Path • Hypno-psychotherapy Family constellations in Woking

Whatever the reason that brought you here,
I am sure you will find something of value for your journey through Life

You might have arrived here looking for ways to ease your anxiety or a difficult behaviour; you might be feeling stuck, sad, confused; you might be sensing deep inside that something is missing and wondering what that is.

The Soul Path is a space where you can sit, pause and reflect, sheltered from the noise of external events. It is a time of silence to listen to who you truly are under all the roles and labels you have been given and look at the essence, at the soul of what is happening for you right now. It is a time of connection where you can safely share your troubles and fears for them to be transformed into positive energies that will support the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations.

Together we will explore what matters to you and what you want to get in life. We will use the many tools in our box for you to create that path of joy and realisation that is just waiting for your first step in its direction.

Welcome to your new, joyful Self
Welcome on The Soul Path


I am an accredited hypno-psychotherapist who can support you with a variety of issues.

Together we can walk through what is keeping you down and you will come out the other way feeling confident in your ability to master whatever life is bringing for you to solve. We will use all the external and internal resistances that are holding you back as trampolines for you to bounce up and onwards. I will help you connect with yourSelf to experience the deep joy and peace that comes with the realisation of your full potential.

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Psychogenealogy and Family Constellations are powerful tools to explore, transform and integrate the effects of the history of your ancestors in your life.
Your ancestors are in fact the roots of the tree that represents your family system. If they experienced trauma, violence, injustice or didn’t fulfill their destinies, you might be on a mission to repair what got broken. This might appear in your life as repeated failures, difficult relationships, financial hardship, ill health and many more signs that something is not flowing as it should.

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I started my career in 1999 working as a physiotherapist. I soon realised that limiting my intervention to the physical side of people’s issues was not enough: resistances, beliefs, fears would often stand in the way of the recovery of what seemed to be straightforward physical injuries.

I decided to explore this more, both personally and professionally.

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How I can help your journey

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