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Weight management

Weight management

weight management woking surrey

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”

Charles M. Schulz


Although it seems obvious that the way towards weight reduction is to introduce fewer calories than what is consumed, this is quite a simplistic explanation that does not take into account the biological, psychological and social factors which all need to be addressed for successful and long-lasting weight loss.

First of all, we are biologically built to consume food whenever available and conserve as much energy as possible. In our modern society, with high-calorie food and drinks (including alcohol) within easy reach at all times and general low energy expenditure, excessive eating and sedentariness have become default attitudes we need to actively monitor. 

Moreover, recent scientific evidence shows that indulging in hypercaloric food affects brain mechanisms that are linked to the reward system and is self-reinforcing: the more high energy food you eat, the more pleasure you get, the less stressed you feel and the more difficult it is to stop – these are the physiological mechanisms that stand behind comfort eating.

If you are trying or have been advised to reduce your food intake without addressing how you feel emotionally, you are likely to increase stress levels and, with that, overeating. In fact, there is no way you can lose weight or maintain a healthy one if you ignore your most profound needs and desires; whilst you might show a very good motivation to lose weight, your unconscious processes will be favouring immediate pleasure over long term benefits.

Hypnotherapy is well placed to help you tackle all that stands in the way to a healthy, lighter you.

In our sessions, I will help you explore what is on your plate from a psychological perspective. The focus will be on developing your ability to mindfully and dynamically stand at the centre of your own life to assess and change what does not serve you anymore. 

This will empower you to live a satisfying life and find creative ways to take care of the body you inhabit… and enjoy the result!