The Soul Path • Hypno-psychotherapy for symptom management, Woking

Symptom management

Symptom management

I am particularly passionate about non-pharmacological symptom management*.

In line with the bio-psychosocial model, I strongly believe that body and mind form an integrated system: what affects one, does affect the other. It is a common experience that a physical injury may affect mood; in the same way, psychological issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma may affect or even cause physical symptoms. 

Everyday language reflects this connection. Think about common expressions such as: ‘He gets under my skin’ or ‘It is a pain in the neck’. 

Physical symptoms with no clear physical cause are often called psychosomatic. The fact that they are “all in your mind” does not make them imaginary. All symptoms are the intelligent reaction of your body-mind complex to deal with a difficult situation. You might have forgotten what the triggering event was but the unprocessed trauma is stored in your unconscious mind and is still repeating the same response again and again, thus leading to dis-ease and, eventually, to manifested symptoms.

The more we suppress and distance symptoms, the stronger they become. On the other hand, a symptom that is seen and integrated becomes an ally, a guide to what needs to be addressed at that given time. 

Hypnotherapy with the addition of psychotherapy techniques will help you listen to the story behind your symptom and find a healthier way to satisfy the need it highlights. This will give you the possibility to restore your innate ability to care for yourself and shape your own destiny. As a fight and flight response often sustains symptoms, you will also learn strategies to activate the relaxation response, for long-lasting wellbeing.  

* Please check with your GP if there is an organic cause for your symptoms before contacting me. If there is an organic cause, you might still benefit from seeing me to complement your medical treatment with extra support for the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual distress your symptoms may be causing