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Stress, distress and eustress

Stress, distress and eustress

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Stress is the automatic reaction of the body-mind complex to a variety of triggers such as demanding work environments, difficult relationships, financial problems or health issues.

Stress is not necessarily an enemy. The release of stress hormones has the positive effect of preparing the body to face challenges either by fighting or escaping them – this is the fight or flight response. 

A level of stress that makes you feel empowered, interested and hopeful whatever you are going through in life is called eustress, from the Greek prefix eu-, good stress. 

However, if stress spins out of control, it gives rise to a multitude of physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms. Headaches, shortness of breath, heartburn, muscular tension, loss of concentration, difficulty in making decisions, irritability, insomnia are some of the many signs of so-called distress, the bad stress that reduces your performance and has the real potential to lead to burnout, anxiety and depression. 

What makes your stress good or bad is not related to specific events or situations but is instead defined by your reaction to them. This is very good news because you might have no power to change your circumstances but you are for sure able to change how you respond to them – and, as paradoxical as it sounds, if you change your response, you will eventually change your circumstances.

This is why in our sessions you will learn strategies for you to face normal and exceptional events with the right balance to ride the wave and fulfill your most desired aspirations. 

As both eustress and distress are taxing on the body, you will also learn strategies to activate the relaxation response and restore your energies for long-lasting success.