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Smoking – Vaping Cessation

Smoking – Vaping Cessation

Smokers are generally aware of the risks arising from their behaviour and more than half of them expresses the wish to quit – that’s why I won’t spend time discussing how smoking is the main cause of preventable illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, affects wound healing and makes your skin look old and grey. 

What I want to say is that research shows that it is never too late to quit and experience the health and economic benefits of quitting. 

After 20 minutes from your last cigarette, your heart beat will return to normal and your oxygen level will do the same after only 8 hours; give your body 72 hours and breathing will feel easier with an increase in your energy level. Money-wise, if you smoke 5 cigarettes per day, you are spending an average of  £841 a year. Any idea of what you could do with that money? 

However, quitting is not straightforward. Even if it seems the obvious choice to live a richer life, two main obstacles stand in the way of better health and more relaxed finances. 

First of all, nicotine is an addictive substance that alters the way your brain works and makes it difficult for you to stop abusing it. Habit and rituals around smoking such as smoking after meals or sharing a cigarette with friends are the second obstacle to overcome when becoming a non-smoker. Stress, anxiety and depression can also get in the way of successful quitting. And if you’ve moved from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you’ve only moved from one problem to another. 

The good news is that hypnotherapy, especially when supported by additional psychotherapeutic techniques, is well placed to aid smoking cessation as it addresses all conscious and unconscious emotions and beliefs while developing better coping strategies and self-esteem. It gives you strategies to cope with withdrawal symptoms and mood swings while encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The success rate is similar to other methods, there are no side effects and you’ll be equipped with new skills you’ll be able to use to improve other areas of your life