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Self Esteem

Self Esteem

I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.

Charles Dickens

Self-esteem is what you think of yourself. 

When it is healthy, you feel able to deal with whatever life brings on your way. You might lack confidence every now and then but you are easily able to regain it and be again positive about yourself. 

However, if self-esteem is low you have a more critical attitude towards yourself and you do not believe in your ability to cope with life’s ups and downs

If that is the case, you will not take on what you perceive are challenging situations; you will tend to isolate yourself and not engage with new opportunities. In the short term, this might give you some sense of security but in the long run this attitude confirms and makes worse your fears of being unable to cope. It might also lead to anxiety, depression or harmful habits like smoking or drinking too much. 

Low self-esteem usually begins in childhood. Because of a variety of issues, such as trauma, difficult circumstances, stress or too high expectations, you got to believe that you are not good enough, and this, if left unchallenged, stays with you into adult life. 

Hypnotherapy with the addition of psychotherapeutic techniques is well placed to help you develop all you need for a positive, healthy attitude towards yourself and life. This will enable you to set your own goals and fulfill your most heartfelt aspirations