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Phobias are irrational and debilitating fears of specific things, feelings or situations. They are a form of anxiety disorder that can affect anyone at any age and from any social background. 

Treatment is not usually seeked if the trigger of the fear can be easily avoided without affecting quality of life. However, this might not be always possible and chances are that if you are reading this page you or a loved one might be suffering because of specific phobias.  

Avoiding the object of your fear, especially when this means to severely limit the way you live, will only have the effect of making the situation worse. Your fear and anxiety will constantly increase until spinning out of control, possibly leading to panic attacks, if you don’t stop and look at what lies behind it. 

Phobias are in fact learned responses from people we are close to, such as family members, or might be related to a specific trauma. Either ways, the cause of your uncontrolled fear is no more accessible to your consciousness but is definitely driving your reactions to the trigger.  

Hypnotherapy with the addition of psychotherapeutic techniques will allow you to transform your phobia by addressing its meaning and restoring balance. Every step will be taken walking at your own pace within a safe environment. You will be able to explore your fears with confidence and build up all the skills you need to manage the related anxiety, dissolve debilitating fears and achieve your goals