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Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Grief, Loss and Bereavement

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“Suffering and loss are not incompatible with life.
For all you lose, you have an opportunity to gain:
closer relationships, more poignant appreciations, clarified values.
You are entitled to mourn what you can
no longer be,
but do not let this mourning obscure
your sense of what you can become”

Arthur W. Frank

Grief is the normal reaction when you lose someone or something important. Even much wanted changes such as having a baby or a new career, despite the happiness they bring, might make you grieve for the loss of your previous role or social status. 

Grief affects different people in different ways and might be different for the same person in different phases of life. Common feelings are shock and numbness, especially in the early stages. You might feel empty and as if a part of you was missing. Anger, guilt, sadness might follow, in a uncoordinated pattern that might take you by surprise for their powerful effect on you and your ability to deal with life. 

Anxiety, depression or stress may stem from grief or become worse if you were already suffering from them. Insomnia or abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs might also be signs that you need support to look at what is happening for you. 

Hypnotherapy with the addition of psychotherapeutic techniques will support you in exploring and transforming what is pulling you down. Together, we will look at your loss and find a way for you to be whole again.