The Soul Path • Hypno- psychotherapy to face death and dying with love

Death and Dying

Death and Dying

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It is often difficult to talk about death and dying, whether it is your own death or the death of somebody close to you. 

Fear of facing what is happening, of loss, of your own mortality might stand in the way to an open connection with what is in truth the key to understand life. Guilt or shame for past events, broken relationships or worries of becoming a burden to family and friends might add complexity to the tornado of emotions and thoughts you are likely to experience. 

Feeling cared-for not only at a physical level but also for all the psychological and spiritual needs is paramount, always in life and even more when death is approaching. However, many might not be able to express how they feel because they are frightened, confused, angry or in denial. 

Being at peace with death and dying, yours or somebody else’s, is possible. This does not deny the sadness, the fear, the uncertainty – in a word, the profound transformation you and your dear ones are going through, but gives you the necessary stability to face what death brings with strength, serenity and much love

In our sessions, you will find a quiet and safe space to explore and transform all that stands in the way for you to look at death not as something to retreat from in fear but as the most important chapter of life. Whatever life has been for you, it is never too late to find peace, for yourself and for your loved ones.