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As unpleasant as it may be, anxiety, when listened to, has the positive function of helping us realise that something is not right and requires our attention. It works like the red light on the dashboard that tells you when something needs repairing. You can ignore it, you might even turn the alarm off, but the problem is still there and will become worse, involving ever larger areas of your everyday life.

Anxiety has many faces and has been given different names depending on the way it manifests. As an example, you might have heard of or been told you suffer from social anxiety, generalised anxiety, phobias, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Severe anxiety may trigger a panic attack. 

Many people suffering with anxiety tend to limit what they do in order to contain their symptoms, to the point of severely reducing social contacts, hobbies and even losing their job. However, no matter how much you are trying to avoid it, anxiety will not go away until it is looked at and transformed back into that positive force that warns you without destroying your whole life. 

You might know where your anxiety comes from but have not yet found the way to address it safely and effectively.  Sometimes, you might feel there is no good reason for your anxiety. However, the mind-body complex is wise and won’t be making you anxious without a valid, even if maybe hidden, purpose. What might not make much sense at a superficial look, becomes quite an intelligent response when we pay attention to the story just underneath your symptoms.  

Hypnotherapy is well placed for you to learn how to manage anxiety and panic quickly and successfully using self-help techniques. Together, we will listen to the message hidden in your anxiety for you to see and change the conscious and unconscious processes underlying it. This will allow you to find long-lasting solutions to your anxiety and live a serene, meaningful and fulfilling life.