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I am an accredited hypnotherapist with additional training in psychotherapy who can help you in many different areas.


Transform behaviours and thoughts that are affecting your sleep and restore a healthy sleep pattern. Addressing the root cause of insomnia will give you  long-lasting results.


Explore what is in your plate from a psychological perspective, transform what does not serve you any more and enjoy a healthy body and a fulfilling life.


Listen to the story behind your symptoms and restore your innate ability to care for yourself and shape your own destiny.


Learn strategies to face normal and exceptional events with the right balance and activate the relaxation response to restore your energies and achieve long-lasting success.


Being at peace with death and dying, yours or somebody else’s, is possible. This does not deny the sadness, the fear or the uncertainty but gives you the necessary stability to face what death brings with strength, serenity and much love.


Develop all you need for a positive, healthy attitude towards yourself and life. Set your own goals and fulfil your most heartfelt aspirations.


Build up your confidence and become an engaging and effective speaker in all circumstances.


It is never too late to quit and experience the health and economic benefits of quitting. Address all conscious and unconscious patterns that are holding you back and achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Grief is the normal reaction when you lose someone or something important. Together, we will look at your loss and find a way for you to be whole again.


Learn how to manage anxiety and panic using self-help techniques. Listen to the message hidden behind your anxiety and find long-lasting solutions to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Explore your phobia with confidence and build up all the skills you need to transform debilitating fears and achieve your goals.

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You might have landed on this page because you are struggling with anxiety, have a phobia or maybe want to stop smoking; you might be processing a loss, feeling sad, confused, stuck. Together we can walk through what is keeping you down and you will come out the other way feeling confident in your ability to master whatever life is bringing for you to solve. We will use all the external and internal resistances that are holding you back as trampolines for you to bounce up and onwards. I will help you connect with yourSelf to experience the deep joy and peace that comes with the realisation of your full potential.
Sometimes it is difficult to make that first step.
You are not alone if you think that taking the first step towards a different, more fulfilling life: known suffering can be at times more reassuring than still unknown happiness. This is why my first aim will be to create a space where you are at ease and feel confident to address your challenges. We’ll connect with your goals and aspirations to create a path you can walk at your own pace, with as little or as much help as you want from me, using the different tools I have in my bag. You don’t need to have mental health issues or difficult habits to come and see me. Finding time and space to be with yourself, explore who you are and bring more fulfillment and joy into your days is a journey that is definitely worth taking. 

Please see My approach to Life and Therapy for more information about who I am and why I am here.

For more information and to book an appointment, fill out the form or call/text me. Sessions are available in English and Italian. 

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